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Mirrabooka Early Childhood Centre

Staying healthy and caring for children

02 49733643

Mirrabooka Early Childhood Centre and Morisset OOSCH provide services for Long Day Care 0-5 yrs old and a seperate location for OOSCH Before School Care and After School Care as well as Vacation Care 4.5 yr olds up to 13 year olds. 

Mirrabooka Early Childhood Centre is located at

26B Hillcrest Road Mirrabooka 2264

Phone: 02 4973 3643

Morisset OOSCH is located at Unit 5 50 Alliance Ave Morisset NSW 2264

Mobile: 0423 518 416

Special announcement from the director:

The centre's are open 52 weeks of the year, we are also approved for 24hour care after hours and on weekends. Booking enquiries.

We cater for each individual family by offering make up days, casual days and give the option of being able to change days with short notice. Subject to availability please speak with Bianca, Stephen or Sarah. We use OWNA as our online communication for parents, this is where you are notified how much your child eats, drinks, sunscreen applied, nappy changes, toileting, rest/ sleep times and the program for the day.

We now have 3 separate rooms at Mirrabooka, playroom and playgrounds for our children

0 - 2 year old (Kangaroo's)

2 - 3 year old (Kookaburra's)

3 - 5 year old (Dingo- Specialising in school readiness)

We now provide all meals during the day

We also provide Nappies / Wipes, Sheets / Blankets and Hats/Sunscreen.   

Mirrabooka Early Childhood Centre's Philosophy:

Our mission here:

Here at Mirrabooka Early Childhood Centre we strive to build relationships with all of our children and partnerships with families and the wider community. Nurturing and supportive interactions between child and educator is only the start to our positive relationships, which than leads us to scaffolding each child so they are able to reach their full potential through their own strengths and interests.

What we believe in for children:

We believe all children are capable and unique with individual needs, interests and strengths.

All children are given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture, socio-economic background and we support the inclusion of children who require additional assistance.

We acknowledge that children develop and learn at their own pace and educators will ensure expectations for children’s development are specific to each child, their unique experiences and individual backgrounds are valued.

Children learn best through play and educators will support their development by giving the children the opportunity to choose their own experiences that, most importantly, reflect their interests and are meaningful.

Educators will use positive forms of behaviour guidance and will continue to work in partnership with parents throughout this process.

Educators will act on behalf, protect and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of all children and their families.

Through our learning programs we ensure that:

Children have a strong sense of identity

Are connected with and contribute to their world

Have a strong sense of wellbeing

Are confident and involved learners

Are effective communicators

Partnerships with families:

Parents are an integral part of who we are. We provide a welcoming, positive, safe and caring environment where every family is valued. We acknowledge the uniqueness and diversity that each family brings to the service.

We encourage open communication with our families through various mediums and value all interactions. We support our families through difficult times and decisions and we are always here to help in any way we can.

Our community:

Our community is our key support network and we nourish relationships within our local and wider communities, we reach out to a variety of community members to be actively involved with our service.

We acknowledge the original custodians of the land. We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our environment and encourage educators and children to discover respect for the land, nature and animals. We continue our journey towards a sustainable future for the well-being of all in the community and promote sustainability in our centre.

We welcome community involvement recognising it as an evolving resource benefiting the child, family and community. We believe in rich relationships within our organisation. We desire and promote professional and personal growth resulting in acceptance, support and celebration of each other.

Our program:

Is underpinned by a commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and respect each child’s right to play and leisure opportunities. Our program promotes the importance of play especially child initiated play. It offers children a balance of structured and unstructured activities to choose from. We acknowledge that children have been at school all day and want to relax, interact with friends and have fun, therefore our programs encourage children to make their own choices based on individual needs, strengths, interests, age and energy levels.

We believe that children’s voices are the most important part of our program for that reason all children are given the opportunity to have input into the program with ideas and suggestions.

Through group projects children are empowered to work together, to show respect, care for and appreciate their natural environment.